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For over 60 years, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church has had an outreach ministry for children and families in the Brewton community. St. Stephen’s Episcopal Pre-School emphasizes an awareness of God’s love for each child through object lessons and Bible stories in weekly chapel.  

St. Stephen’s Preschool is dedicated to providing our preschoolers with a positive and pleasant introduction to the world away from home. Programs emphasize the development of a positive self-concept and basic physical, intellectual and social skills. A balance of student-initiated and teacher-directed activities are part of each day. The curriculum is designed to develop skills through creative experiences, instill regard for self and others, teach respect for property and establish limits of behavior through praise and natural consequences.


Each child will have a variety of opportunities for learning. Music, art, science, storytelling, imaginative play, cooking, body movement and weekly chapel are all part of our theme-oriented curriculum.  

Although the themes will change each week, good manners, cooperation, sharing and following directions are the tools we practice to enhance what goes on in each classroom. Early morning free play gives each child the opportunity to develop a healthy feeling of independence and confidence in the surroundings and in the adults who are present at school. Socialization is another key component of a young child’s development; learning to participate with other students in a project, playing outside on the playground or just eating snack provide interaction and challenges for growth.  


The Preschool is governed by a Board of Directors chosen from among the church’s membership and appointed by the priest. Access to office equipment, utilities, maintenance, furniture and scholarships are part of the ongoing financial support provided by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church; tuition, registration and supply fees of students provide the remainder of the working budget. Any donations or financial contributions to the preschool or the scholarship fund are considered tax-deductible (except for regular tuition & fees).

We have classes for two age groups. Our "Skydivers" class is for children ages 3 and 4, and our "Astronaut" class is for 4 and 5 year olds. While many years there is a waiting list to enroll your child at St Stephen's Preschool, this is not always the case. Therefore, be sure to call, regardless of the time of year. Spaces can fill up fast and early, but we always want to help when we can. It is never too early!


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church has some ability to offer scholarship assistance according to need. Applications for scholarships are available from the Director. The Preschool Board makes all decisions and will send written notifications to all applicants once a decision has been made.

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For more information, please contact Amanda Kelley, Preschool Director. 

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