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Dear Youth:

If you are a 10th-12th grader, we would love for you to consider participating in this fun and exciting weekend.

Happening is a youth retreat weekend filled with fellowship, worship, games, music, great food, and more, kind of like summer camp, but condensed into 48 hours. Happening helps strengthen relationships and build new friendships, it seeks to provide room to explore one's faith, and to ask the hard questions about God. Most uniquely, Happening is youth led, meaning youth are the ones leading the activities, groups, and conversations throughout the weekend. The youth leading Happening have gone through a Happening before, which means, after you have attended, you will have opportunities to give back and lead as well if you feel so moved.

•  Maybe you feel extremely certain about your faith: we would love to have you join.
•  Maybe you have a lot of questions about your faith; we would love to have you join.
•  Maybe you aren't really sure how you feel about any of it, but maybe you want to know more; we would love to have you join.

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please, get in touch with your priest. Please, consider Happening.

Happening #55 will be February 1 - 3, 2019. Location TBD

Steering Committee is:

The Rev. Mary Alice Mathison (2018), Spiritual Director
Rachel Iversen (2019), Happening Steering Committee Chair
Addie Quina (2020), Happening Coordinator
The Rev. Ben Rockwell 
Sarah Bolt  

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